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What To Do

I've not felt anxiety in a while and I don't miss it.

Honestly, I don't know how I was able to get through the day when I felt what I did. Today was caused by letting the overwhelming amount of debt wash over my eyes. Everything from my credit card debt, upside-down payments on my car, all the way to the fact my job sucks.

I'm honestly going to work this week on creating an anonymous account and selling clothing online. In the event you need a bigger hint I'm talking about my boxers and socks. Sell them online to creepy pervs on Craigslist or the similar. I figure if I could get $50/day for a pair of boxers, I'm doing good. If it works, I'll even do $100 for special request.

Of course I want to remain anonymous so these creeps don't track me down and try to do things. You never know today. In fact I just found out one of the straighties I was infatuated with is being drugged and abused and raped. He has no friends and no family who is wanting to come t…