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It's Been A Long Time

Once upon a time I used to be able to get laid woth every paycheck. Sometimes more frequently. I'm so dry and dusty that I actually had a sex dream last night. First in forever. Forever!He was an old college roommate. Ha! The last one I would have actually. First college friend, too. Little twink-like guy with a firm chest, the right curves, firm ass, and... gifted.I guess I had cleaning on my mind as I prepare for Jacob to arrive as my dream was in a Walmart/my bathroom mix. We were in the cleaning aisles because I want to clean the grout before he gets here. We kept walking and I guess I have up because we just transitioned to my bathroom.I was upset over something. Probably the latest interest. I was getting ready to cry when he was suddenly shirtless. Then naked! And so was I!I felt my butt against the sink counter meaning I was as shocked as I thought. He stepped forward til our hips (and other things) were touching. He reached around my back and the other hand on my shoulder…