The Longest Night

You can say that a million things are going through my head and heart and you'd still be far from correct.

You can see the nose as it turns and pulls up to it's gate.

On so many levels this is an end. However, more so, it's a beginning. The possibilities are even more infinite with the physical distance between us.

Parking myself in this small airline seat is much more difficult than parallel parking on a cliff.

Whether it's here, or there, I can no longer see the future. The path may ultimately be set for me, but I cannot see it's direction. Usually I can see where I'm headed.

It's finally dark out as the sun kisses the aircraft before disappearing on the horizon.

I know I still love him. There's something to be said when though you may have physically moved on but your dreams keep pulling you back. And dreams, in most cases, are random and unpredictable.

The jet engine kicks in reverse as it bounces down onto the sea of concrete.

Emotions are mixed. Brain is hurting trying to comprehend the reality of my situation. Tears are ready to burst, but are they happy or sad drops? How am I to know how to act when this is a first.

As I stand up, the world around me begins to spin though I'm still.

Where usually the other is the one to reach out and break the silence. Now... now it was me. And a long silence it was; deafening.

The exit ramp feels a mile long as I guide myself out of the winged beast.

I have become a different person. I've taken and put a stop to a lot of my natural ticks. A drawer sits empty at home empty where my greatest hobby once used to be. Though I'm here at the point where I'm to be put to the test. It's time to see how far I've come on my side....

...time to determine my future.

As the first step is taken on new soil, a light flashes.


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