Story Time

He never was an air person despite what the personality test told him. But here was, in an overized metal dildo 37-thousand feet in the air.

His eyes were glued shut and wouldn't budge for the slightest jolt. Though through his element he could feel everything about the plane. Every small bit of turbulence not transferred inside, the chill in the air, the thinness of the moisture, he felt it.

DS exhaled heavily remembering all the things his friends said before he left.

"You'll be fine. Just relax."

"Think of your destination and the fun you're going to have."

"The odds of dying in a place crash is one in 30-million."


Yep, there it went. The peppermint gum he was told to chew by the Witch, swallowed. Heaven knows he wasn't about to move from his solid stance to get another piece. If he was, he'd be blowing bubbles out his ass for each piece he swallowed when the plane jumped.

"Oh, I can do this. I can do this," he repeated to himself.

This wasn't his first time on a flight. He had traveled with Jacob many times before. Each time they did, though, Colt had a hand to hold.

Let's be honest, he didn't just hold it; he crushed it. The death grip he could produce massive. Jacob would usually end up pulling away before they got far in the air to regain circulation.

"Anything from the trolley?"

It snapped him out of his trance. He probably looked like a deer in headlights.

"Would you like something to eat or drink, sir?" the flight attended asked again.

"Rum and coke, please."

The lady dressed in blue gave him an odd frown. Whether she was questioning his age or sanity was unclear.

She bent down and popped a Coke can open, setting it on the tray in front of him. Somewhere on the opposite side of the trolley came the rum resting next to the soda.

Now if you've ever been on a plane before, then you know the size of this "refreshment" was insulting. How could anyone drown their fears with alcohol in the size of an eye-dropper?

The lady continued forward down the aisle shrugging off the stare he was giving his drinks.




One gulp and the rum was gone. He didn't even bother drinking any of the Coke to wash it down. He was a pirate like that; his witch would understand had she been there.

With nothing on his stomach and a headache squeezing his brain, it didn't take long for him to be knocked out.

- - - - - - - -

What was an hour felt like minutes as he opened his eyes.

Everyone around was tense, pushing themselves upright into their seat. Something was going wrong and he was soon to know.

The plane took a giant leap down to the earth and began leaning to the right. Not a soul was quiet as whimpers and screams came from all corners.

Colt pushed against the g-force and looked out the mini window. He had a perfect view of the back of the wing.

...or what was left.

It looked like a monster had taken a bite out of the wing where the engine should be. Electric was popping in the skeleton of the wing while the fins flailed in a desperate attempt to help.

Every fear he had left behind as the plane took off was back again. This was how he would die. A giant, metal dildo full of unknowns and him. Only one person got the necessary "I love you" before he left.

Another stutter then stall came from the struggling engine on the left. The plane fell several hundred feet again. Blood-curdling screams and crying was all that could be heard other than the alarms overhead.

There was a pop and down came the oxygen mask. It had only taken forever for that to be a necessity.

Colt looked around at all the other passengers. In front was ladies on a business trip. Across from them a military man who had made friends with the loner girl next to him. Behind was an elderly couple with a grandchild who had dreamt of Disney World. The ladies in the same row as him, best friends hugging in their final moments.


No, he wasn't going to let this happen. He had no clue where his elemental friends were at this very second and he had no time to wait for them.

He pulled at the seatbelt and attempted a sprint down the aisle but failed. The fall of the plane was making it difficult to keep balanced. It wasn't going to stop him though. Grabbing at each row of seats he climbed closer to the front of the plane. Once at the door he turned and gave a glance back at the people.

Several eyes were locked on him in horror. They knew what was about to happen but couldn't do anything to stop him.

He used that death grip and wrenched the door open. In a matter of seconds he was sucked out of the plane and powered up. He turned and blasted the hole with ice to seal the cabin. There was one problem.

Now he was freefalling.

He closed his eyes, clenched his teeth and pulled. Any water he could find, he wanted. The thin moisture in the air pooled around him and formed a thin ring around him. But he continued to pull.

Finally a column of water hit his feet and wrapped up to his waist holding him in the air. He knew not where it was from but it was what he needed.

The water column turned and shot him towards the airplane. It was barely hanging onto its one engine at this point as the wing looked like it would be ripped off.

Swiftly he blasted more ice at the plane. This time at the wing to solidify it straight. It was a bold move as it froze the last engine still.

He thrusted himself below the plane as it was now picking up speed in it's plummet. Placing his upper back against the cold belly of the beast he pushed. His eyes were burning with a bright sapphire glow as the water around him became aggressive.

The water now engulfed the rest of his body violently spinning at the spot DS was holding onto. Pushing with all his force, he began slowing the decent to the ground. He would need to work faster as they were already halfway to the earth.

Below residents of the nearby lake were looking up in awe. Never had they seen a water spout, let alone one in their own backyard. They seen it cradling the plane and were terrified.

The plane and The Shark were now only several thousand feet in the air but slowing down. Around the base of the water spout the water began to crack and freeze over.

One thousand feet remained. DS was no longer struggling against the weight of the plane as his element was doing most of the work. He was now able to break from the spout and come up the side of the plane in a separate column.

He called upon two more columns of water to catch the front and rear of the plane as it closed the distance to the frozen pad he had created. The Shark let go of his column and fell the remaining hundred yards.

Slowly, almost crawling, the plane came to rest on the ice and the water spouts fading away. He walked over to the plane when he stopped.

Through this all he completely forgot about the impact to the passengers. He had just been focusing on the weight of the plane. Not a second was given to the jerks they'd feel inside.

He motioned to his side's and pointed at the center of the plane. The water sliced through the metal with the sound of a guillotine. With a flick, the piece popped out and fell to the ice.

No one was screaming other than the few infants and toddlers on board. Each person shakily unbuckled and staggered to the slide that had inflated.

DS walked closer to the passengers and reached out a helping hand as he pointed them all to the shore. Fire engines, ambulances, and other emergency personnel were pulling up or already running to meet everyone.

A attendant dressed in jeans and a pink fleece jacket walked up to The Shark. Beside her was the same attendant who had given the drinks to him before.

The lady in pink spoke up first.

"I don't know who you are exactly, but I'm aware you're an Elemental." Tears began to escape and fall down her rosy cheeks. She choked up a bit looking for her next words.

"I can't thank you enough. By some miracle you were on my flight and became my guardian angel." She was full-on sobbing at this point. "Thank you," her voice cracked.

The other attendant stepped forward. She was crying as well but had somewhat of a smile.

"Sheila got the first thank you, but I wanted to give mine as wrll." She pulled the Shark into a hug resting her chin on his shoulder.

"I never took payment for that rum and Coke."

She took a step back. There was still a smile despite the tears that were still coming. It wasn't a threatening smile since she apparently knew who he was. No, it was a smile showing endless gratitude.

He watched the remaining passengers escape the plane and get treated by the waiting emergency crew.

A whisper came on the wind.

"You're welcome," she cackled.


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