Love Lost

For a cloudless day, the storm rolled in swiftly. Thunder crashing and rain drops falling like bombs.

Then again, what can you expect when the storm was called...

A flash of lightning reflected in his sapphire eyes. The pain displayed as a single tear runs down the his cheek to gritted teeth.

"No," he growled, his body shaking with tremors. More tears spilling out. He raised up his hand as the air began to pop around him. FLASH! A column of raw energy ripped down the highway, disintegrating several cars in its path.

"I can't," came another growl.

He wasn't able to contain his hurt any longer collapsing to his knees and screaming to the lightning show above. The air cracked but with a chill. A circle of ice shot up from the ground around him and raced outward.

There were no more words; he was gone and the DarkShark remained. His head lowered and his eyes flashed a dark blue color. Pure darkness within his element. The damage he was to reap had only begun when she showed up.

Just as he called together a pillar of water to crash down on the mall bringing it down with the motion of his hand when the black satin wrapped around his wrist from behind.

"Stop this now," came the voice. "What's going on?"

The Shark turned around to see her in superhero pose on the ground holding his hand back with minimal effort. Her pendant hadn't even began to glow showing her full strength. His stance loosened and the water fell to the ground in a splash. He hissed let out a low growl through gritted teeth.

"Don't you growl at me, boy. I'll put you down here." She called back the part of her dress holding his arm. "Why are you doing this? What happened?"

She was answered with another growl as lightning crashed behind him and she could finally see it. All around his body, his aura was black. He wasn't her regular Shark; he was The Shark.

His next move was blindingly fast as he hurled a similar column of energy at her. The earth ripped away in an explosion upon impact. There was no way she could've still been standing but she was. Behind him again.

The witch stretched out her hands. Her bony fingers clawing at his existence. She was going to bring him down. Esta thrumo zienta was the curse that she whispered hoping to paralyze him.

The Shark's body went stiff then limp as he fell to the ground. It worked.


Amer wasn't sure how much more she could keep up. She was indeed powerful but not against his four elements and the experience with the others. His was playing with a larger hand than she. It didn't matter, he was gone again from in front of her. This was sure to be the final blow as she heard the earth freeze above her.

She looked up to see him holding a signature move. He had called it his Omni-blast. Mixed with the light and dark elements it could destroy anything... could destroy her.

The DarkShark was really going to do it. A tear slipped down her face as she turned towards the ground hoping to shield herself when she heard it. He choked.

Her gaze snapped back up to see him frozen in fear. His attack gone and his hand in the air empty. She looked into his eyes and finally understood what happened.

It was a heartbreak.

She followed the DarkShark's stare down to her side to find his lover. No, his ex-lover, standing with clenched fist by his side. He was returning the look with that of aggression. Amer was beginning to put the pieces together.

"Stop this, Colt."

Amer looked back up to see her Shark now. The dark aura around him gone and replaced with a sad blue. He was hurt and not physically from her strikes, but from the lover's actions.

Colt sank to the ground without breaking eye contact with the other. His eyes were bloodshot now. He's been suffering and his elements responded the only way they know how: physical expression.

"Stop this," came the phrase again. The clenched fist had loosened but still held steady.

As quickly as he moved in their fight, he was gone. A splash to the ground, he had taken himself somewhere. Far away if Amer had to guess. For a moment, she swore she heard a soft voice. I love you.

Her heart was breaking for him. The voice sounded like a wounded animal. His eyes showed an empty soul and a broken heart. She wouldn't be able to help him heal this time. Sadly, it was just going to be time he needed. How long? Impossible to say.

She flashed herself away without another look to the lover. He was not of priority now. Her Shark was. As she found herself back in her rundown shack she said a prayer. This prayer not of her typical sort. No, this prayer went out to the world to help Colt find his heart again. In the hope he'd one day return with that spark in his eye that drove her crazy.

Amer blew out the candle on the stand next to her bed. The light fizzled out and she could hear somewhere a faint whine.

"I love you, my Darkshark."


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