A Break From Our Schedule

Time to Vent!

Relationships suck!

Why, Colt, what ever could you mean by that? I'm not sure; let's break it down!

When I was little, relationships were a big commitment with the impression that they lasted a long time. Long being defined as years, maybe centuries. NOT DAYS OR MONTHS! Now I can't speak for the relationship that pushed me over the edge this morning, but I can expect it to be short.

From the outside looking into a broken relationship it's pretty easy to spot the one who did wrong. Take for instance my situation. One party was distraught and fighting depression, not to mention suicide. The other, proceeding forward with life as if they weren't even inconvenienced. Nightly crying fits and trouble moving forward. Running along the beach with stupid gap-toothed grins.
For the couple I encountered today: one guy was so upset you could hear his voice shaking across the phone and the other MIA.

But, you don't even know both sides of the story. He could've cheated on her and she left his dippy ass. You're absolutely, mother-fucking right! Could HAVE! What you're telling me is you're giving the benefit of the doubt to the woman. Hell! Let's throw feminism in it and say that women are always faithful to their man and that it's the man who always beats the woman and never respects them. My argument: whatcha gotta say about gay relationships, bitch?

This guy is three weeks older than I am and married.

Didn't commitment, marriage, mean anything previously? Does it have any goddamn meaning today? The answer...


Today people "live for the moment." YOLO! Fuck off! We live in such a fast paced world that is so self-centered, it's a wonder family means anything anymore. Correction: it barely holds anything, actually.

If you are so lucky as to find one of these rare instances... fucking miracle! Photograph that shit. Cage 'em up in a zoo! Don't lose them! Because you turn your back for one fucking instant and it's gone. Torn apart by someones own self-driven desire to succeed and be what they define as "happy."

Humans are so self-centered, they don't care what impact they have on others. Oh you may claim "but I still care for you and want you to be happy. It's just not with me." Bullshit! You don't give a rats ass about that person the moment your brain even thinks about letting that phrase slip!

Hell! Don't fight to be happy with what you have! Hard work don't mean shit anymore. It's more for who kisses whose ass, who has the money, or who has what you don't. Don't even get me started on the people who are famous for stupid shit like some hick phrase like "how bow da?"

It's no surprise to me that the people likely at fault in a relationship... they migrate together!! Fucking best friendsies!!

"Oh you won't believe what my bestie in Florida seen today! He sent me a key-UTE snap of him and his new boo!"

I seriously want to knock her lights out.

My point is this:
Where are we headed? Not only has material possessions become so disposable... but we have become the same to one another. How can you expect to fight a era of anxiety and depression when self worth has become the only priority? When the phrase "flavor of the week" suddenly is a common term? A person can have more relationships while being "committed" with one than they can when they are single and on their own.

I may have a problem with being alone. I may have still a small case of anxiety and depression. But fuck, I take my head out of my own ass every now and then and look at what others have and what they want. I'm not going to tear someone down because suddenly our differences have suddenly become DIFFERENCES; because you got fucking bored with me. I am justified in my feelings when I've been on the short end of the stick. Only once have I been the cause of someone's upset only because I didn't realize they had developed feelings for me in my post-virgin phase. It wasn't anything major, but guess what: I felt like the biggest asshole on the planet when I found out. I hope you do too.


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