30 Days of Pride - Day 19 thru 22

19. Share your favorite memory.

You're asking me to dig into a amnesiac fog. My favorite memory, and one that will haunt me forever, is when my recent ex sent me a picture message. It was a frog riding a goldfish with the caption: "in a world full of fish, find yourself a frog." Below the message was his text: "you're my frog."

20. Share something you love about your significant other - or - how you’re making the most of being single.

I wish there was something I could say for being single but sadly nothing much. I'm just trying to enjoy my time and think about me and my health instead of what I used to have.

21. How did you meet the last person you had feelings for?

That's a great question and I honestly can't remember. All I can remember was that he wouldn't stop pestering me about meeting outside of Grindr. I was angry after a night of work at Walmart and said if he wanted to meet the mess that was me, he could catch me at McDonald's. Sure enough he did and sat there awkwardly as I stuffed my face with a quarter pounder.

22. Share a picture of you and your best friend!

I won't share a picture for her privacy. But you can find her blog HERE.


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