These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Oddly I don't think I'm going to talk about any of my favorite things in this post.

It was just the song playing on the tv at the bar.

This is one good thing about the Mix Ultralounge. The music isn't just the same over-played music in the radio today.

I mean, right now, they're playing a spoof of School of Rock.

Not only that, I don't feel as if there is as much drama here as compared to Martha's; or what I recall it used to be. However, regardless if where I am I'm still not able to find a decent date.

I'm looking for someone clean. No drugs, no questionable habits. Hygiene is key! Also, take care of yourself. Don't look like the creepy owner of a windowless van like this guy two seats down from me.

Your body is your canvas, too. Don't be just a bunch of blotches on a piece of paper.

...and it's getting too crowded to finish this. Another time!


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