Listen Close

It's been a while and, more than likely, my previous posts are all gone.

...probably for the best.

You're joining me as I dawn a new year in my life. Forgive me if everything is broken and lying on the ground in heaps; pick-up progress is a bit slow.

Between the headaches during the day and the crying fits at night, it's hard to focus.

If you're returning, welcome back. Please note that I'm currently typing this is my half-empty studio apartment, naked on my bed (which is on the floor), while that cat cleans himself in front of the fan.

I've since left the retail life and currently sell insurance in a small office on the south side of town. My Friday nights are spent at the bar doing the only thing I know how to do: attempt to drink away the pain. Saturday and Sunday are spent making circles around town with the hope I'll find something I want to do.

Nasty habit, grinding your teeth. Probably the main reason I have the headaches. It's all I got to fight some of the thoughts. The Hotline is helpful, but it's a call center and you can differentiate the ones that hate their jobs.

I tried to get this site back to what it was, before it was blog-dot-thedarkshark. I'm still working on it and may figure it out. If not, I'm sure it won't matter. My two, maybe three followers, will have it saved to their favorites. Checking it as much as my Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. to make sure that I'm still functioning basic motor skills.

I finish with this thought:

One night, amidst a drunken charade, there was a statement that sputtered out of malfunctioning lips. "Please, don't leave me."


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